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Freight forwarder

Grain de Sail Logistics is the freight forwarder for wind-powered sail cargos.

Freight forwarder

and exclusive agent for Grain de Sail shipping in France

AEO accredited

Grain de Sail Shipping is an Authorized Economic Operator, an internationally recognized European customs seal of approval

Decarbonized Ocean Freight

on our cargo sailboats for your shipments of 1 to 240 US pallets and 1 to 294 EUR pallets door to door; organization of pick-ups and deliveries using low-emission means

Customized digital tracking

of your expeditions (TMS 100% digital)

Handling and storage

of your goods in our secured dockside warehouse

What makes Grain de Sail Logistics unique


  • Concrete expertise and experience with Cargo Sailboat shipping since 2020:
    • 3 round-the-world tours (in distance covered)
    • 6 transatlantic loops.
  • Shorter transit time with GDS II: St Malo – NY (18 days port to port)
  • Grain de Sail II average cruising speed: 11-12 knots

Price & performance

  • Price stability on Long-Term agreements (up to 10 years), non-correlated to oil price fluctuation
  • Carbon Footprint reduced by 95% on average overall.


  • Secured hold (CCTV), restricted access and watertight.
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Securing the pallets against structural walls and cushioning with airbags to prevent cargo shifting and punching.
  • Hand pallet trucks are used to unload goods from the hold, reducing the risk of impact.

Port efficiency

  • Priority access to secondary ports, mostly non-containerized, for faster operations.
  • Autonomous systems and cranes to unload cargo.
  • Company integrated with local port ecosystem and enjoying strong local relations.
  • Highly secured process and operations (AEO, secured warehouse, ISPS terminals).

Optimized client experience

  • Official certificate for the goods transported by Cargo Sailboat in a decarbonized way.
  • Events onboard the vessels.
  • Communications toolkit provided for internal and external audiences before, during and after trasnaltantic trips.

Operational excellence

  • Use of a TMS specialized in Overseas: Akanea.
  • Digitization of document management and issuance of electronic BLs (Bills of Lading).
  • Real-time geolocation of your shipments on the vessel

Our market lines

Our hold is designed to transport various types of cargo and accommodate constraints from the most demanding cargo-owners.

Shipping routes

Fully integrated into existing logistical patterns, our cargo sailboats make wind-propelled maritime transport accessible and operational.

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46 days roundtrip

Not including origin & destination stops

18 days outward / 18 days return

Not including origin & destination stops

18 days outward / 18 days return

Not including origin & destination stops

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Saint-Malo - Southamtpton

1 day, excluding stopovers

The solution to decarbonized ocean freight

” Be part of a unique and sustainable adventure “

Fleet of 4 vessels planned for 2026/2027

Tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided*
  • The rig is designed so that the engine is never used outside the port. By design, our ships are the only ones to date to keep sailing, eeven in hurricane-force winds.
  • Our ships are designed as passive vessels. We are decarbonising not only the propulsion part of the ship, but also the energy requirements for life on board.
  • Design and procedures conceived, optimised and tested on the basis of 3 years’ feedback on board the Grain de Sail I demonstrator.
  • Core crew and support functions already in operation.

*Internal calculations based on standards estbalished by ADEME (French Governmental Agency for Ecological Transition)


With observed decarbonization rates of over 90%, our operational solution fully meets cargo-owners’ expectations today.

Our Cargo Sailboats

Transport less, transport better: a fleet of cargo sailboats for the cleanest transportation method in the world.

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The cargo sailboat GDS II

Soon in operation! Launch in May 2023 & operational in January 2024

The ships are modern schooners with Marconi rigging. The technical choices are made to manage the construction and the operation with the following objectives: safety, reliability and performance.

294 pallets Europe

NIMP 15 Norm
240 US pallets format 1200 x 1000 mm / 350 T of loading capacity

French design

Complies with International, European, American and French standards.

12 knots

Commercial speed

1,8 g CO2 e / T / Km

Emissions targets

Average CO² reduction: 95 %

Compared to conventional cargo shipping for durable and eco-friendly navigation

170 ft (52 m)

Restricted length of 52 m allowing access to all secondary ports and marinas thus avoiding port congestion.

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The cargo sailboat GDS I

1st Merchant-navy Registered modern Cargo Sailboat in the world

An innovative freight-carrying vessel designed around a dedicated hold for cargo loading.

30 pallets Europe

NIMP 15 Norm
26 US palette format 1200 x 1000 mm / 50 T of loading capacity

French design

D222 professional norms
Hold cooled by green energy sources and regular humidity checks

8 knots

Commercial speed

1,95 g CO2 e / T / Km

Average emission rate during first years of operation

Average CO² reduction: 95 %

Compared to conventional cargo shipping for durable and eco-friendly navigation

72 ft (24 m) x 18 ft (6 m)

Hull length and width (aluminum structure)


Presentation of founders and board

Olivier Barreau


Co-founder and President of Groupe Grain de Sail
Jacques Barreau


Co-founder and Managing Director of Groupe Grain de Sail


Partner and Managing Director of Grain de Sail Logistics
Loïc Briand


Partner and Managing Director of Grain de Sail Shipping

Grain de Sail Logistics

The first and only freight forwarder dedicated to decarbonized maritime supply chains.

Based in St-Malo (France), Grain de Sail Logistics combines the ship owning, maritime company, freight forwarding, logistician, and cargo transporting businesses under the same group. This unique model makes it possible to offer a fully-fledged decarbonized solution that can be integrated into existing supply chains. We manage, on behalf of our clients, all the steps of cargo transportation leveraging our green shipping solution that serves both Europe and the Americas.

Our offers


Loads from 1 to 240 pallets US format or 1 to 294 pallets EU format on board our cargo sailboats.


Carbon-reduction plans for ground transportation (both post and pre routing of your cargo).


Personalized and digital tracking of your cargo (TMS).


Receiving and storing of cargo in our secured warehouses.

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