The cargo sailboat GDS II

Soon in operation! Launch in May 2023 & operational in January 2024

The ships are modern schooners with Marconi rigging. The technical choices are made to manage the construction and the operation with the following objectives: safety, reliability and performance.

294 pallets Europe

NIMP 15 Norm
240 US pallets format 1200 x 1000 mm / 350 T of loading capacity

French design

Complies with International, European, American and French standards.

12 knots

Commercial speed

1,8 g CO2 e / T / Km

Emissions targets

Average CO² reduction: 95 %

Compared to conventional cargo shipping for durable and eco-friendly navigation

170 ft (52 m)

Restricted length of 52 m allowing access to all secondary ports and marinas thus avoiding port congestion.